Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olare Oruk Conservancy; Kenya Days 2 and 3

Day Two; Aug 11: Kicheche
I looked up the definition for ‘dumb ass’ in the dictionary. I never would have guessed it, but Websters definition of 'dumb-ass' is two lilly white Canadians who plan to spend 13 hours per day in the blazing hot sun about 150 miles from the equator and forget to bring sunscreen. The UV index here is comparable to a blow torch I’m sure! We did manage to find a camp that had sunscreen priced at a very reasonable $30 a bottle. They think they are so smart charging three times market value. Little do they know, we would have gladly paid 100! All in all a fun day. 

Our highlight was finding six6 week old lion cubs. The light and background wasn’t very good, but it was a lot of fun watching these little characters playing…So cute.

Day Three: Aug 12: Kicheche
We have seen too much to mention, but our highlight today was driving to the south Mara. On a hope and a prayer and knowing there are a mom and four cheetah cubs, our guide drove us an hour to an expanse of fields and tall grass as far as we could see. After looking for about 30 minutes, he spotted the mom and cubs. I have no idea how he found them because they travel a lot and have a huge territory, but he found them and we were fortunate enough to photograph them for a few hours on and off.

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  1. I love these lion and cheetah cubs! It just wants to make you pick one up and hold one.