Saturday, May 7, 2011

Polar Bears on ABC

While we were in Wapusk National Park photographing polar bear moms and cubs, ABC and the World Widlife Fund were there doing a piece on polar bears, wildlife photographers and global warming. ABC came out with a six minute piece. It aired on mother's day weekend. Quite appropriately considering that the segment is about moms and cubs. 

At the end of the segment you will notice a polar bear mom and triplets. It is difficult to say how well they will do. We left them at about 6p.m. one evening and by the next morning our trackers caught up with them by the next morning. Surprisingly they had already traveled another five miles of the forty mile trek to Hudson Bay. Unfortunately they were just out of our range, so we weren't able to get any more pictures of polar bears that day. And here is the story from the WWF perspective. WWF also later came out with a cute video of a polar bear coming out of a den.