Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Governors' Camp; Kenya Day Four and Day Five

Day Four: Aug 13; Kicheche then travel to Little Governors’ Camp & LG afternoon safari

The wildebeast love the camp at night and thousands of them basically surround it. All we can hear all night are these gnus honking all night long. We hear an the occasional lion roar, hyena shoot and the odd zebra spat, but there's definitely no silence at night. I tried to video in the pitch black tent so I could use the sound track to tell people what Gaye sounds like when she sleeps (she doesn't really, but I like to tease her anyway), but my video cameras didn’t want to pick up the sound. I was so disappointed. 

Today we made the 90 minute drive to Little Governors’ camp taking pictures along the way. It was a nice leisurely drive and we got some great pictures of a couple affectionate zebra babies and a 3 month old giraffe that still had his umbilical cord attached. Little Governors' camp does have a great atmosphere about it. They have resident wart hogs and this year two little babies that run about 90 miles an hour around the camp. The camp of course has all kinds of the wildlife that wander through. Possum for instance is a huge bull elephant that was visiting just outside the reception area when we were signing in. I think Possum and Blossum (Blossum is the other bull ellie that visits regularly) both like to visit the camp almost daily as we saw them during the day when we were signing in and then again when we were signing out of the camp on our last visit.
Possum; Little Governors'
camp welcoming committee
visiting camp at tent #6

Day Five: Aug 14: Little Governors’ Camp Day Two:
This morning we decided to first check out the marsh cubs. They were in the same spot as when we left last night. Only they were munching on a wildebeast kill. This morning was incredible! We had the marsh pride 6week old babies running around and playing with mom, then a 100 feet away we had Moran and Scarface (two of four male leaders of the pride) fighting and on the other side of the marsh there was a leopard up in the tree only 100 feet away on the other side of the marsh.

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  1. There are really a lot of good things in Safari where in many photographers really love and dreaming to capture with their own cameras. As what you have blogged i can imagine those things that you've seen.

  2. I love that massive tusker photo

    Elephants are my favorite.

    The ones we get in Sri Lanka are not as big as their african cousins.

    Hoping to visit africa one day

    Cheers !