Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Governors' Camp; Hot Air Balloon Ride, Kenya Day Seven

Day Seven: Aug 16: Hot Air Balloon safari and afternoon safari

The hot air balloon ride was awesome! The morning was a little bit overcasty so I didn’t get any good sunrise shots, but it was really neat photographing the animals below. Gaye and I were a little bit nervous about how it would feel, but for anyone thinking about it, I would highly recommend it. The edge of the basket comes up to your armpits (well, Gaye's armpits), so you feel very secure. Our pilot flew about 65 feet in the air, probably a comfortable 30 feet over the tallest trees. The flight is quite gentle and 
not in the least bit scary...And neither one of us are good with heights. When you come in for a landing, there is a bench seat close to the floor that you sit on. You sit down, grab on to these handles and ease down to the ground. Of course we were lucky because it wasn't windy and our landing was perfect, but even if the wind picked up I think we still would have felt quite comfortable. The only problem is that there was a lot of over cast that day. I would love to do it once more on a nicer day, but of course mother nature has a mind of her own and we can't control such things. Tomorrow is our last morning game drive. We haven't seen the marsh pride cubs for an entire day now. I hope we will get to see them once more before we leave. 

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