Thursday, December 8, 2011

World Wildlife Fund and Nature's Best Photography Contest

TIme for a little Harvey Wildlife Photography news, aka self serving promotion, aka Harvey Wildlife Photography propaganda... Call it what ever you like, but here's my news:
World Wildlife Fund Cards (Front)

First, I sold 4000 greeting cards to WWF Canada in the fall this year. The cards are selling in packs of 12. There are three tiger cards, three polar bear cards, three black bear cards and three lion cub cards. Each card has a picture on the outside, a picture on the back and a water mark picture on the inside page. The other inside page is left blank, leaving room for notes to friends and family.

The cards are printed on recycled paper, printed with vegetable dyes and are priced at $14.99 per pack. You can purchase them here at the WWF estore.

For more examples of what the cards look like you can see them on my website.

Secondly, I had a photograph recognized as "highly honoured" in the WIndland Smith's Nature's Best photography contest.
A Taste of Daisies

 I was pretty happy that it even got that far considering that there were 21,000 entries from photographers around the world. My picture has been published along with the other winners in the Fall, 2011 edition of the Nature's Best Magazine. For anyone who really enjoys nature photography, this magazine is full of amazing pictures of wildlife.

The little bear cub in the picture is a domesticated little guy. He was about six months old and was trying to taste the daisies. He didn't have very good dexterity in his big paws, so he had a difficult time getting the flowers to his mouth. When he finally got a taste of a daisy he quickly realized that he didn't like the taste of it after all and promptly spit it out.

More pictures from this sequence can be found on my gallery.

Two and a half more months until I am back up in Manitoba photographing polar bear moms and cubs. Check out our polar bear gallery from 2011.