Monday, August 13, 2012

Olare Orok Conservancy; Kenya Safari, Day 1

Olare Orok Conservancy, Kenya Day One:
We didn't have any internet for the first three nights, so now I'm playing catch up. Poor Gaye had to endure 13 hour safari game drives for the first part of the trip, but she's a trooper and did just fine.

Day One; Aug 10: Flight out to Olare Oruk and afternoon safari at Kicheche Camp
The flight to the Mara went well and our first day of game drives showed that this camp is very promising. Today we saw two male lions, a lioness a leopard, a few ellies and about 20 giraffes. 

The giraffes were all together. It was entertaining watching these tall gangly animals gracefully walk by us. Of course we also saw hundreds of ungulates. They are almost every where. Our camp is surrounded by wildebeast and zebra mostly and tonight we will be lullibied by herds of these ungulates. From time to time at night we can also hear lions roaring. It sounds like they are right outside our tent, but realistically, I’m sure they are probably miles away. 

I don’t think I got any “home run” pictures yet, but tomorrow is another day and we will be out on safari from sun up to sun down, so I’m excited about the potential.

My images from this and other african trips can be found on our main wildlife photography website.

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