Friday, March 2, 2012

Polar Bears; Wapusk National Park 2012

So far so good…sort of…
The good news..
I was much smarter about packing for my polar bear safari this year and I didn’t have to pay anything extra in baggage fees.

The bad: So far this polar bear season has been terrible for bear sightings. One of the nature photographers that was up with us last year was just leaving as we were getting in. She had spent two weeks up at the lodge and only had two polar bear sightings of one mom and cub and that was it for two weeks. One of our guides was saying that they know of three dens. The wildlife photographers set up in front of the den today and all she did was pop her head out three times. That may be our situation tomorrow. Seven or eight hours of waiting only to see a polar bear’s head for a minute or two if you are lucky.

My optimism: In the area of Wapusk National Park that our guides spend the most time in, they say that only one family has already left for the Bay so far. Based on previous years, they typically see about 12-20 polar bear families a year. The good news is they have to leave at some point, so hopefully we will have good timing. The denning season is done and the lodge is closed by the end of the third week of March. That puts us almost half way through, so…fingers crossed. With any luck we will get some great pictures of baby polar bears this year.

My images will be up on my website at the end of my trip.

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