Thursday, March 8, 2012

Polar Bears, Day Seven…

Today we checked out the first polar bear den. The momma polar bear teased us by peaking her head out a couple of times. At 3:30 we heard those magical words “We’ve got a polar bear”. Our trackers found a bear about twenty minutes away so off we went to photograph her and her polar bear cubs. The light was great, but unfortunately she was faced away from us so we didn’t get much. Oh well, still a fun day.

Tonight was supposed to be an amazing night for the northern lights, but we have a full moon, so the lights got dulled somewhat. They were still impressive for a few minutes. One more try at it tomorrow night. My polar bear pictures are up on the website.

We were spoiled today with only a dozen wildlife photographers in the lodge. A Chinese group of photographers just arrived so the lodge will be back up to full capacity tomorrow (21 people). It bodes well for them though. We have a female polar bear who looks like she is itching to come out of her den and another polar bear mom and twins that we photographed this afternoon. If she doesn't put the miles on, we should be able to catch up to her and her polar bear cubs early tomorrow morning. One more day. It would be nice to finish off with at least one more good opportunity to get some good polar bear pictures.

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  1. The shot with the mother bear and two cubs is a classic and an award winner in my books.