Saturday, March 3, 2012

Polar Bears, Day Two

-35 in the morning to -45ish in the evening. The morning was nice. Sunny, no wind. Late afternoon brought a biting wind. As the light went down, I tried changing the camera settings and burned my fingers. They still hurt.

We did manage to get a peek of a polar bear mom at about 1p.m., then one van went to the other den. They also got a glimpse of a polar bear as well, but then she ducked back into her den. This bodes well for the coming days. As soon as one of the bears leaves her den, she should be pretty easy to locate and photograph. Once we can see her on the tundra, normally we can get pretty good baby polar bear pictures.

After two cold days of standing outside all day looking at a hole in the snow, hopefully we will have some luck soon. The polar bear den we have been waiting at is a very pretty location, so; fingers crossed, hopefully we will get some great polar bear pictures tomorrow.

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