Monday, July 4, 2011

Brown Bears- Day Two: Arriving at the Lodge and Day One Photography

Brown Bears- Day Two.
Getting to Lake Clark National Park is quite the journey. After our day in Anchorage, we flew from Anchorage to Kenai via Grant Air, which is only a 30 minute flight. From there we were driven to Soldotna. Soldotna is only about ten minutes from Kenai. From Soldotna we flew 30 minutes across the mouth of the ocean to Lake Clark National Park. This place is beautiful. Not very many people and so far lots of brown bears! We arrived at our lodge at 11a.m.. Even on our descent we counted several brown bears and cubs on the beach. After a short safety orientation, several wildlife and nature photographers headed out to take pictures of brown bears. The light wasn't the greatest, but not bad either, but the bears were really plentiful! We photographed sows, boars, moms with yearling cubs, moms with this year's cubs and generally just a lot of bears.

Juvenile cub on the beach
The brown bears that we wanted to photograph the most however seem just a little to shy to be hanging out in the open just yet. There is a mother brown bear with new triplets that we haven't seen yet. While I was backing up my bear pictures, the owner of the lodge called me. Sure enough, there she was 20 feet from the house. She came into the yard and her cubs rolled around in the ashes in the fire pit. It was pretty cute. From there, she and her babies went back into the woods.
Waking Up

I took over 2700 pictures of bears today already, so as long as the weather holds, I think we are in for a great week....

I have all of my pictures posted on my website, which I will get to in future blogs. In the meantime, here is a very small facebook gallery to tide people over.

Til tomorrow.


  1. Sorry. I will post the pictures as soon as I am able. The internet here in the bush is just to slow to upload anything. We photographed a mother and triplets most of the day today, so I will post when I am able:)

  2. This message is directed to Educational Resources,
    I am home now and am almost caught up with the pictures on the blog. You can visit the link on the blog to see my brown bear pictures on facebook. In addition, The brown bear pictures will be posted on my website shortly. The links to the brown bear and puffin galleries will be posted on the blog when I am done.

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