Friday, July 8, 2011

Brown Bears (And Puffins!)- Day Six

This morning we went out to see the puffins at Duck Island. I am not a bird person but this was a welcome break from the bears. As much as I have enjoyed photographing them, we have had limited subjects in a lot of different environments. Moms and cubs in the fog, in the sun, in the field, on the ocean, in the field... Moms and cubs are great subjects and I have been delighted with the results, but the birds at this point were definitely a welcome change.

We still managed to get out to see the bears for a couple hours before and after supper. Again, we had some interesting sightings. This time I videoed mom and triplets as the babies nursed. I got a kick out of how they viciously fight over their favorite nipples:)

This trip has been fun. Long days, nice people and great bear activity. One last day of bear viewing before coming back home. Although I have enjoyed the bear photography, I will be delighted to be back home.


  1. Nice photography .. Professional Camera man.. Keep the good work! I'm just loving those photos

  2. Thanks for the support. I am going to India to photograph Bengal Tigers in November. Be sure to check out the blogs then. I am crossing my fingers for some good sightings. :)