Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brown Bears- Day Five

Cubs on the beach at low tide.
Today we were all over the place. First we spent time with a mom and triplets right near the lodge, then as far down the island as we could and watched a mom and single cub for several hours. The bears were in tall grass, so we couldn't get good photographs of the cub, but he was fun to watch as he entertained himself by playing with a stick, weeds and just about anything else he could find. After lunch we spent a couple hours on the ocean floor at low tide filming the mom and triplets clamming. After supper as we were leaving the yard the blonde twins and mom came strolling into the yard. They were trouble makers this afternoon. Apparently a couch was purchased for a new cabin that they just built. It had to be specially wrapped and was put on a boat to get here. It was wrapped up in plastic to protect it from the journey, but the twins didn't care and ripped through the plastic and chewed at the corner of the brand new couch before the had a chance to get it into the cabin. In the field we found a blonde mom and single cub that we hadn't seen before. The light was good and they were great looking bears, so hopefully the pics will be good. On the way back I wanted to go home early as we were passing the lodge anyway, I figured I would call it a night as there wasn't much action. That was the plan.

When we got to the lodge the blonde twins were there playing and chasing each other across a creek and back, then fighting. It was too cute,
Yearlings Fighting

 so we stopped for them. I must have taken several hundred pictures just of them playing tonight. From there, I went back to the lodge to start downloading my pictures when out the window in my room we see a mom and triplets. It was 10p.m., but still fairly light, so I videoed the triplets for 45 minutes or so. They are pretty addictive to watch.

Our puffin trip got postponed due to the rough ocean today, so we are going out tomorrow morning. I love the bears, but the puffins will be a nice change. In the meantime, I put together another small facebook brown bear gallery for you to check out. You can find our main website here.

Til' tomorrow...

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