Friday, March 9, 2012

Polar Bears Day Eight...

Unfortunately our polar bears from yesterday were real travellers. They travelled at least five miles toward the bay since we saw them yesterday so they were out of our range. We waited all day at  the polar bear den. The mother popped her head up a couple times and once we thought she was actually going to come out.

She was half out of the den, then disappeared back into the hole. All of the wildlife photographers waited until we lost the light, but she just wasn't going to cooperate. Oh well, all in all a good trip. My 2010 & 2011 polar bear images are on my wildlife photography website on my polar bear section. My polar bear pictures from this trip are up as well and can be found here.

So another arctic polar bears safari comes to an end. The next safari is mule deer fawns in July.

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