Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Polar Bears; Day 5

We stopped at the first polar bear den this morning and could see by her tracks that the mother had left the den, walked up the bank and returned again. This is the second time in as many days that she got out for a short walk and went back. Unfortunately there were no baby polar bear tracks. A few minutes later I heard over the radio the words that I have been waiting for..."We found tracks". That means that a polar bear and babies has left the den and are on their way to Hudson Bay. More importantly for us, that meant that we would finally get a chance to take some polar bear pictures.

It was sunny today, -30, no wind. Just a beautiful day. It actually felt balmy. We stayed outside for about six hours taking polar bear pictures. I haven't seen all of my images yet, but managed to get 3,000 pics. I haven't seen many of them yet. Hopefully I will be happy with the results.

Three more days to go on our polar bear safari. A couple more good polar bear photography sessions up here and there will be some happy wildlife photographers coming home.

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