Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brown Bears- Day Four

Today we woke up to thick fog everywhere. It was pretty difficult to photograph the bears as the fog makes everything look pretty hazy, but in some instances it added an interesting look to the scenes.

 In the morning we saw a mom and two cubs near the ocean so we decided to photograph them from a slightly lower vantage point on the bank of a small stream (well the stream is quite small when the tide is out. When it is in, it is another story). 

Anyway, we were happily taking pictures when I figured I should get my smaller camera lens out of my back pack. My camera was dead as I had forgotten to put the re-charged battery back in the bag. Luckily I had packed a third camera body, so I was switching camera bodies when I heard our guide say "I'm just going to stand in front of you." I thought that was pretty weird until I looked up. The mom and two yearlings were less than ten feet away. They had kept coming towards us and were curious, so he had to shoo them away. Fortunately before they were shooed off and before I clued in that I should be nervous, I managed to get a few pictures off. Good ones too. It wasn't until after all was said and done that I realized how close they really were.

After lunch we went out on to the ocean at low tide and photographed the mom and triplets clamming. It was extremely foggy so the pictures were quite unique. 

From there we went out to the field and waited most of the afternoon as the triplets and twins slept. After supper was great. The light was near perfect. We came upon a mom and single cub that was quite curious. She kept on standing up and leaning against mom and just standing in general. Between the great light and the behaviors we did quite well. 

Tomorrow we go to Puffin Island to photograph the puffins. I haven't seen them in the wild before, so I'm looking forward to it. Another small facebook brown bear gallery from Alaska

Till tomorrow...

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