Saturday, March 8, 2014

Polar Bears 2014; Day Three and Four...

Day 3
We went back to the same den for the third day in a row. The cub is getting more courageous and coming out more often for longer periods of time. The mother only just peeked her head out for a few seconds again today. I checked out the aurora borealis last night and had some fun and some frustration so hopefully they will be out again tonight so I can try my luck again.
Praying for Aurora Borealis and Triplet Sightings

Day 4
Last night I went out photographing the northern lights for a couple hours. I am getting better at it, but the lights were pretty quiet, so I’ll try again tonight.

The bear viewing based on past years of twins and triplets wasn’t the greatest. After three days of photography we have only seen one cub and a couple quick 5 second peeks from the mom. Finally today near the end of the day the mother came out and we had mother and cub interaction. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it was fantastic! This is the first time I have seen a clean mother and cub coming out of an earth den. During the day the cub also had some interesting poses that were really cute, so all in all it was an amazing day. In the meantime, we have missed three sets of twins and one set of triplets slip by us. Sometimes by the time the trackers find the family tracks and catch up to them, they have already gone too far out of our range.

Well, I’ll try to get a little sleep for a couple hours before going out to check out the northern lights. There are some very dim lights right now and the sky is clear tonight so fingers crossed. Hopefully we’ll get some nice lights tonight.

To see more of my polar bear images visit my wildlife photography website My 2014 polar bear images will be up soon...


  1. Nice shots Greg. I am surprised that you have missed three twins and a set of triplets, yikes! Are there any left?

  2. Yes, sometimes they leave early in the morning or from a different area than where our trackers are. They have a lot of area to cover. We are still on a maternity den with a mom and cub and we finally saw the mom for the first time in 4 days so they will likely still be there. The cub is very animated, the light has been perfect and the backdrop is great so it's all good. With any luck we'll find another family, but who knows.