Friday, March 7, 2014

Polar Bear Moms and Cubs 2014; Day Two

Today we went back to the den with one cub. She popped out briefly in the morning for a few seconds only showing her eyes and head. At 3:08p.m., the same time as yesterday to the minute she came out of the den. She came out and went back in probably 15 times over the next hour. She was really cautious and would look over the bank of the den, then eventually built up the courage to venture out on top of the crest of the den temporarily, then ran back down as if to say “Oh, that was scary!”. Over the next hour, she developed more courage to venture out a litlte bit more for a little longer each time.

At midnight we went out to photograph the northern lights. They were quite nice! I’m looking forward to trying again though with the lessons I learned from my first northern lights try of the year.
For more images from my polar bear safari or others you can visit my wildlife photography website.

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