Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waterton National Park Day Three...

Sunday morning I got up early to go to the fox den, but got blanked again. In the morning we drove up the hill and saw one cinamon bear filpping over rocks looking for treats. From there we needed a break so went to a small campground where a Vietnamese family were barbequing chicken. What they didn’t realize was there was a large male black bear on the other side of a building making his way up the creek toward them. They got their kids in the cars and honked a lot. It wasn’t until after one of the men started throwing sticks at him did he wander back into the bush. At one point one of the Vietnamese men threw a chicken leg at him. (Probably not the best strategy for shooing away a hungry bear). In the early afternoon we saw a baby fawn who was a little mixed up. She was looking for her mommy and went towards the wrong doe. Much to her surprise the doe attacked her, then the two does got in a fight and the baby managed to get away. It must have been quite young as it was even sniffing a buck looking for her mommy. I hope mommy and baby managed to get reunited at some point. Sunday evening we found another fawn and managed to photograph it for a couple hours before going back to the hotel room. More deer images from Waterton National Park.

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