Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waterton National Park 2012

Waterton 2012
We arrived late Thursday night to give us a full day of wildlife viewing before the crowds showed up for the long weekend. A friend of mine and his wife and their five month old baby met us in Waterton so we would be able to spend a couple days together.

Friday morning us guys got up while the women and baby slept and I showed my friend around town and checked out red rock canyon parkway to no wildlife avail.

Later on in the morning Gaye and I went up Cameron Lake road and saw a black bear and two cubs (yearlings). She had a black cub and a cinamon cub and we hung around her general area and photographed them for about 45 minutes. They went into the bush so we left, then found a cinamon black bear on her own and photographed her for a couple minutes then came back. On the way back we found the bear trio again and photographed them for about another 45 minutes. On the way back into town Gaye found a fox kit and we stopped to take a couple shots of him.

The deer are really scarce this year as they are being chased out of town by the wardens. People are trying to pet them and have been doing stupid things, so the deer have injured several people and have killed 5 dogs over the past while (year? five years? I don’t know). Our friend did see a deer fawn late last night, so that is good news. At least there is one around.

Friday afternoon I had a little snooze while my friend and his wife and baby went down the Cameron Lake road. They ended up seeing a cinamon bear with a tiny black cub then later saw another black bear.

Friday night we managed to find a deer fawn and got a few pictures of it before it hid in the tall grass. Several sheep came into town and were strolling around the main street, then later decided to prune all of flowers off the shrubs in front of our hotel room sliding glass door. When we came in the other side, there was a sheep in front of our door licking the salt off the sidewalk.

Just before bed our friends decided to go on a little walk. A mother deer decided to cross a swift flowing creek in town and the the baby couldn’t get across and it got swept up and was off to the lake when a warden rescued it and wrapped the poor shivering thing up in a towel. Hopefully mom and baby were reunited okay.

A little scarce on the deer side this year, but all in all a pretty fun first day. 

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