Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Polar Bear Photo Safari Day Seven...

We went to the den this morning and waited for a call from our trackers. I took pictures of the den sites yesterday, so we knew that there weren't any fresh footprints. I guess she must have decided that her babies weren't old enough to travel yet and went back inside. The trackers found some prints that led to a mom and two cubs. We got there around 3p.m. and photographed her in a couple locations. It was an easy day as we spent most of our time in the van chatting and snoozing until we got the call. By then the light was quite poor, but we still got a few good shots here and there. 
Mom had enough of the animal paparazzi, so she decided to take off.

We had word from the trackers regarding the triplets that we saw yesterday. They followed the tracks for five miles. The triplets were found eight miles away from the lodge as it was, so another five miles is getting out of range. Considering how small the littlest triplet was, it is remarkable to me how far they could travel in one day.

Our final photo day is tomorrow. Hopefully we will find active cubs in a good clean location in good light. Time will tell. It is a bit of a reach to ask for so much on the final day, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I will upload pictures to all of the blogs when I get home and have a better internet signal.

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