Saturday, March 12, 2011

Polar Bear Photo Safari Day Four...

We caught up with the polar bear mom and cub that we left last night. The mom had a collar on her. When we noticed her collar the photographers sighed and the WWF crew were elated that they were watching a bear that is being studied. It was kind of a funny contrast moment. This mom is apparently 22 years old. This year she only had one cub, so it was really healthy looking as it gets all of mom's milk. 

After the bear and cub took off, we had lunch. The trackers didn't see anything today, so we drove all day looking for dens. We didn't find anything of significance, but we did get stuck five times. Everyone gets out of the van and they tow us out. Considering the tracks get buried completely and the snow is up to the frame of the truck, the van tows out pretty easily each time.

Photo opportunities were pretty slim today. The cub was pretty active, but was behind and amidst a lot of willows, so the few pictures that we took certainly weren't the greatest.

It was somewhere between -30 to -35 today. Much nicer than yesterday. Still pretty damn cold if your gloves are off for any period of time.

Myself and the others that I came with have four photo days left. We're half way through. We have enjoyed nice clear weather and have seen bears every day but one. Unfortunately so far we have had nice light, bears and nice backgrounds, but not all at once. When we have the background, the bears don't come out. When we have the bears, the background is nasty. Now hopefully, we will get the light, the bears and the background all at once. Triplets would be nice too. In the past two years I have yet to see triplets.

Until tomorrow...

*New Post* Several months after we got back from this safari, I found a WWF youtube video from this day. You can find it here. My gallery from this safari and from my 2010 polar bear safari can be found here.

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