Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Cure for Cabin Fever...

While it is important right now to contain this virus, our mental and physical health are still very important. If we aren't sick I see no reason why we can't enjoy the outdoors, get some sunshine while practicing social distancing. And that is just what two of my friends and I did over the past few days.

We met at a park in Edmonton and started looking for fledgling great horned owls that we heard were in the area. This got our minds off our cabin fever. It gave us something to look forward to, it got us out of the house, we soaked in the sunshine and got hours worth of great exercise while carrying heavy camera equipment.

So yes, we do need to continue practicing social distancing and we do need to be responsible for the health and safety of ourselves, our friends and families and society as a whole.

We can however still enjoy life responsibly. While I am not a "birder" exactly, exercise, wildlife photography and being out in nature is where I am happy. So while I am not in safari in Africa or Alaska right now, enjoying the local parks looking for wildlife while staying at leastt six feet away from others will suffice for now.

Even though our current situation may not be ideal I hope you are finding your "happy place" too.

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