Thursday, September 12, 2019

Adorable Polar Bear Cub.

In 2014 on our polar bear trip we only photographed one polar bear mom and cub. This little bear didn't have any siblings to play with and mom didn't come out of the den very often. I think she was bored. Every time we set up to photograph her she would come out of the den and look at us. It was as if she was posing as she pranced around the den.

We photographed her on and off for two days. She would come out of her den and wander around the den a little bit, then she'd go back in. Hours later she would come out again and play with a snowball or wander around the perimeter of the den again. On the second day we couldn't photograph her much because it was too warm. When the warm air hits the cold ground it creates a heat shimmer, making the images soft. On those days I video instead as heat shimmers don't interfere with video as much as still images.

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