Monday, July 2, 2018

HW Photo & Safari. Africa & Alaska, 2019

Bucket List Tours with HW Photo & Safaris
Our Bucket List Masai Mara Wildlife Photo Safari is sold out. We have four spots open for our Masai Mara trip in February, 22 to March 7th, 2019. Visit HW Photo & Safaris for more details.

After each safari we make a video as a keepsake for our guests. Curious of what an HW Photo & Safari is like? Check out the video. 

Email to register for this bucket list Safari in Kenya.

When we go the Mara, we support four schools. In February we were able to bring in 1300 pounds in donations. School supplies, teaching supplies, washable feminine hygiene products, books and soccer balls. We even had 900 soccer jerseys donated by Millwoods Soccer Association. We take care of the donations. Guests can donate or not. Many of our guests in February just donated their extra allowable checked luggage space. Everyone was able to examine the bag that had their name on it. We did the rest. We collected the donations, packed and organized the donations in our bags. 

Spending an afternoon with the children was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Anyone who isn't interested in visiting the school were able to go on a game drive while we were at the school.

African Wildlife by Harvey Wildlife Photography
Brown Bears of Lake Clark National Park

In June, 2019 we have a small group going to Alaska to photograph brown bears. Check out the link for more details.
This video was taken with an iPhone. That gives you an idea as to how habituated these wild bears are in this beautiful National Park in Alaska. This park is not accessible by road, so the brown bear viewing is much more special as there aren't crowds of people. Just a lot of bears. It is a very special wildlife experience. The below video is a fun video that we made for our last group.
We have 3 spots left. Please email to register for this Alaskan Brown Bear Safari.

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