Sunday, February 7, 2016

First full day at Entim Camp...

We had a pretty successful morning drive. It started with a jackal lying on the side of the road all cuddled up trying to keep warm, then we saw a dozen or so hyenas in a few different groups. Hyenas have a face that only a mother could love, but one layed down on the side of the road so two of her babies could nurse. 
A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Ugly or not, it was still sweet. We spent a lot of the morning looking for a lioness and her three six- week old cubs, but couldn’t find them. We gave up then caught up with a cheetah mom and her two thirteen month-old cubs and spent a couple hours with them. It started with them jumping on a jeep. 

It is a big “no-no” allowing cheetahs on your vehicle. Guides can get in trouble if they get caught allowing this. Our sighting ended with a failed impala hunt. From there we caught up with another cheetah mom and her super cute 6 month old cub. They had just killed an impala. The six-month old was dragging the carcas around showing off how tough he is I guess. J The grass around them was really long so the picture opportunities were pretty scarce. And then they started eating. Their faces get all covered in blood which makes them less than photogenic, so we headed back to camp for lunch.
After lunch our game drive wasn’t very fruitful until Gaye saw a leopard in a tree. It was a great sighting... for about 5 minutes until a vehicle pulled up too close and scared her down into the bush. We found her in the bush a few minutes later and took a few shots of her only to realize that she wasn’t the same leopard that we saw in the tree. This was one of her cubs. It turns out that she had two cubs and over the next two days a lot of people drove over to see them. We have been busy with lions, but hopefully we will be able to find them again at some point.
My images aren't up yet,  but will be at my website Harvey Wildlife Photography 

On our next game drive we caught up with a pride of lions and some crazy cute lion cubs. I haven't edited them yet, but I think on that drive I got my first good images of the trip to date, so I was really happy about that drive. I will edit one and add it to the next blog posting.

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