Monday, March 9, 2015

Polar Bear Moms and Cubs Days two through six

Day 2:
The family on Lovett Lake was in the willows so we went the other way to Fletcher lake. They found another den there but there was no action there so we drove around Fletcher Lake looking for another den. We didn't see anything and got back to the lodge around 5:30pm. That night the northern lights were amazing. No reds, but some pretty impressive streaks.

Day 3:
We went to Lovett Lake. As we were getting to the first den we could see the mom and twins. They were walking back to the den and went in before we got there. Mom and babies finally came out at 5p.m. It was a nice pink light but quite dark and my pictures weren't as nice…Actually my images were crap. I was feeling quite sorry for myself until I discovered that many other photographers were experiencing the same problems.

Day 4:
We drove 45 minutes west to Lovett Lake and set up at the den. 20 minutes later we got a call that tracks of a mom and twins were found east of the lodge on Fletcher Lake. We got to the site around 11a.m. Mom and cubs napped most of the day. They got up and walked a bit around 2p.m. then settled back down and napped again. Around 4ish they got up and walked around a bit. We got some nice shots of the cubs between moms legs. By 4:30p.m. the bears started on the next leg of their journey and we packed up and called it a day.

Day 5:
We waited to hear what is going on at the den at Lovett Lake. Not much going on there and our family from yesterday has already walked out of reach so we drove around Fletcher lake looking for dens. In the afternoon we caught up with yesterday's bears having a sleep in a snow bank.

Day 6:

Today we started by circling Fletcher lake looking for dens. Hoping that in the meantime the trackers will find some fresh tracks. Lots of blowing snow and flat light. We spent the day in the van, then decided to go back early. Even if we found bears, the images wouldn't have been any good anyway.

Images from this year's safari can be seen here:

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