Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day Seven, great light, active bears.

Day Seven…
Another absolutely stellar day! The light was perfect and seeing as we have been with this family for the past seven days, we now know her behaviours and habits. She nurses, sleeps with the cubs curled up on her, then the cubs get up and play hard for several hours. Later she yawns, has a snow bath and goes for a walk towards us. After the guides direct away from us, dejected, she heads back to her day den, curls up and has a sleep. At some point she will look around to see where her kids are, yawn, have another snow bath, go for a walk etc. On nice days she will do this two to three times per day. The action all starts around 2 or 3p.m.  On day’s five and seven, the light and weather has been very similar and so have been her behaviours. 

We have three more shooting days left and the forecast is supposed to be mostly sunny so we may just have three more great photography days, or she may head for the bay. Either way we have had some amazing photo opportunities this year!

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