Friday, October 28, 2011

India here we come...

It is "India eve" for me. Tomorrow I start on my journey to India. I will be leaving Saturday night and arriving in Delhi at 4a.m. on Monday morning. At 11a.m., four of us get in a van and head south six hours to Agra; home of the Taj Mahal. From there, we go south to two national parks to photograph Bengal tigers for the remainder of the trip.

I have never been to India before, so this will be new to me. At this point all I know is our main photo subjects on this trip are the Taj Mahal and Bengal tigers. I have my shots, took my dukorol, I have my antibiotics, diarrhea medication, malaria pills and two rolls of toilet paper. I have been here and there around the world but the last time I was asked to bring my own toilet paper was our trip to Tajikistan. At a rest stop, I walked into a bathroom, (witnessed what I don't think I will ever be able towipe from my memory), then went around behind the restroom and relieved myself in the bushes. You know you are going somewhere outside your comfort zone when you are told to bring your own toilet paper!

And so for good or bad, another adventure begins. I will blog from India every day that I have access to the internet. On the days that we don't have internet access, I will keep a diary and blog when I am online again. Sign up to my blog if you like and email posts and a few pictures from the day will go automatically to your inbox. I don't blog a lot, mostly just when I am on safari, but check it out. 

I hope this trip will go smoothly, but inevitably there is always some catch somewhere whether it is the France security guards questioning an "animal paparazzi", having visa "issues" in Russia or spending two days in a South African hospital because a cheetah attacked my step daughter, there is always something. Equally entertaining to Gaye was last year when I suffered the effects of food poisoning in a hot, bush plane ten minutes before landing in Tanzania. Seriously, does this stuff only happen to me?? (Well the cheetah thing didn't happen to me, but I have never heard of anyone else ever being attacked by a cheetah.) :)

In the land where bribes will be a necessity for us and toilet paper isn't taken for granted, I expect there will be a story or two. 

Pictures from previous safaris can be found on my website gallery

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