Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Polar Bear Photo Safari Day Eight... Our Last Day.

We got out to the dens by 10a.m. and waited for a call from the trackers. The momma bear and cubs haven't been out of her den since it snowed three days ago. The trackers found a bear and cubs, but she was in the bush and stayed there for the better part of the day. In the meantime, we waited at the dens for about seven hours. At around 5p.m., we started making our way back home. On the way back we watched a red fox hunting out in the distance for a while, but that was about the height of our excitement for the day. It was a great safari this year. It was good enough to want to come back, but not so good that we won't want to come back next year a little more prepared in an attempt to get those elusive shots of active triplets in great light and a nice background.

New Post: I found this video from our trip on youtube after I got back. It summarizes the trouble that polar bears are in while showing footage of the triplets, two single cubs with moms and one single cub coming out of a den.

My next safari will be July 3-8. Brown bears and cubs in Alaska.

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