Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun With Photos; Photography That Tells A Story.

Part of the enjoyment that I get from going on safari comes long after the trip is over. From sorting through the ten or twenty thousand pictures to cleaning up the good ones (sharpening, slight colour corrections here and there and a little cropping) to posting them on the websitescreating greeting cardsprintingdisplaying and selling them are all fun and a lot of work! It takes up to six months after I get back to finish this process. That is part of the reason that I only go on two safaris a year. I wouldn't be able to run my businesses and keep up with the photo process otherwise.My latest fun I have been having is with GIFs. I like telling a story when I take pictures. At 5 to 8 frames per second (depending upon which camera I am using), scrolling through the pictures is sometimes an interesting way of telling a short story of what is going on without taking a video. I really enjoy looking at my pictures this way as it brings back the fond memories of what was going on with the animals that day.

For the first GIF I made, I chose a picture of three zebras. They noticed a lion off in the distance and immediately perked up and started wagging their tails. Each picture is interesting as they seem to be wagging their tails in unison. Unfortunately just one picture doesn't display the anxiety that I could imagine that the zebras were feeling at the time (especially the pregnant one on the left), so it was fun to make a gif showing a little bit of movement in that brief second of time illustrating a little more of a story behind the image.

Click on the picture to see a larger gif of the zebras wagging their tails.
Lion on the Horizon- Click on image to see animation

The next one that I had fun with is 14 pictures of two male lions in the Masai Mara. This one was much more difficult. I didn't know that the lion was going to yawn. My camera was hand held and I certainly didn't know at the time that I would try to make a gif out of it, thereby telling a more of a story about the image. Without a stable surface when taking the pictures, they were difficult to line up, but it still turned out pretty good in the end.